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Lacey MakerSpace: A Hub of Innovation

The Lacey MakerSpace (LMS) will provide a place for community members and businesses to access knowledge and equipment. The center will contain industrial-quality equipment that uses cutting-edge technology, not generally available in other venues; training in use of laser cutters/engravers, 3-D printing, CNC machines, computers, and software, to help employers’ meet their need for qualified staff; and a space for people with similar interests to collaborate on ideas that will aid in the successful completion of projects.

The LMS is the product of a partnership with Saint Martin’s University, the City of Lacey, and Thurston Economic Development Council Center for Business & Innovation. It will contain 4,000 square feet of equipment and tools (many of them computer driven) including woodworking and metal crafting. Members will be able to prototype new products, gain skills and experience important to entering the workforce, and complete projects with the advanced tools. A classroom will be available for equipment and safety training as well as computer modeling.

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A Foothold into the Future

The Lacey MakerSpace is intended to leverage education, research, financial resources, entrepreneurship, and community partnerships to foster, grow, and develop a thriving and cutting-edge economy that supports the local community. Join us and so many in the community on furthering economic development in the South Sound region.

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